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hayden, you got unbanned not even 24 hours ago. you’ve been told already that things have changed since you left; crew home costs is one of those. crew home is illegal to use for pvp yes. the reason they cost 500 to set is to offput people using it for that purpose. tping to the crew home costs money to offset it being used as a free/extra sethome. it costs so much to help pull money from the economy. money isn’t impossible to come by. voting, sell signs (though uncommon), sell logs at cove, and /sellclaimblocks are among the easiest ways to get money. “ohhh but cys you have over 200k, youre rich it means nothing to you!!”. yes I am rich, yes it doesn’t have affect on me. but im not the majority here. it sucks for players who don’t have much to their name but they still have options. staff are always looking for ways to balance the game with eco. cant make everything free as it just opens the doors to abuse. it’s been this way for years, and shows really no signs of changing. really the costs and time to tp are just ways to balance out the fact that crew home is indeed another /home, so in a way it is pretty fair all things given imo.

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