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the elytry when introduced to PMC (the server) was used as a way to pull money from the economy. but then as time went on, too many of them were in circulation, and usually only the elite players had access to them. some owning more than one. by no means are they common in vanilla, they should never be common in survival. eventually, there was a glitch found where ely fliers take full velocity damage when gracefully landing. and then the ely had a chance to just disappear from the world. gods decided to allowed this glitch to stay, as it was during a time when he decided elytra is to OP; which I agree. I own an elytra, and being able to fly from border to border in minutes is just insane. the staff have absolutely no intentions on bringing them back for any reason. whatever ely is left in the world is what we got. nobody will sell one as theyre just so rare, and valuable. and the high risk of losing it just puts off people from using them at all. theres literally nothing you can argue with that will change the staff or gody’s mind, I promise.

also, ‘liking’ your own post doesn’t do anything for your case.

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