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6 Months ago Pashjn said Sj cant build some ugly thing near us.
5 Months ago Pashjn demanded SJ fix his ugly circle. SJ promises it will look beautiful, he needs more time.
Later instead of fixing his ugly circle he builds a box to piss off Pashjn.
He follows it up with another Box right on the border of our city plans, we change our plans.
He asks Max to move our claim so he can build yet ANOTHER box, Pashjn refuses.
2 months ago I asked Godsy to set an ultimatum so he fixes his ugly Box. Godsy said he should remove it or it will get regenerated. I forward the message to SJ.
2 Weeks later he build a tiny cliff that he build in 20 mins, his own words.
He got banned for advertising. Following his unbann we waited yet another week.
And he build yet ANOTHER box.
Max takes over gives him 2 more weeks. Helps him using admin perms, after being called biased just admits.
The Deadline passes, barely any progress. I dont hear back at all for a week…
ANOTHER week after the Deadline Max says “Option 1” will take more time, but “Take my word for it that you’ll prefer the option above, not this one.”
2 days later “Eh its fine like this”

Last week a crew member told us it seems Max is just bidding time to keep SJ around to get on our nerves. (Max has a history of trying to annoy Pashjn and Me)
After extending the Deadline over and over again, that doesnt seem so far fetched.

You keep saying we should be respectful because otherwise Staff wont “waste time” on us, maybe this goes both ways.

Why should we waste months building nice towns so some troll can build boxes next to it for the sole purpose to piss us off and you defend them.
But if you would rather keep people around who advertise, get cought with pvp mods several times, bountygame, break all kinds of rules and builds boxes
instead of people who try to improve the server, have no banns or warnings, host events and try to get people to work together across crews than thats fine.


With such bias against us Its safe to say we wont get justice here so we are going with option 4

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