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Interesting very interesting. Hmm true it has been some time, but it was a worthy ban from what I hear. I myself was shocked to hear of what happened. If anything I don’t know what to say. Usually I have a witty remark ,but for this I am at a loss. I understand your want to return to the server, but I think that is a thing that is between you and the staff. If they deem you worthy of a second chance then I hope we will see you again. If not I suggest waiting it out a bit more before reapplying for an unban request. From the forums post GodsDead posted you were not the only one to be involved in this scandalous event. I’m surprised that the others haven’t asked for an unban request. Mabey they have come to terms with what they did and don’t wish to return.

What are your reasons? I would like to know what you would do different. From what I have seen in your forums post it is not unlike others. You are sorry about what you did. You want to return. You feel bad, but you have yet to offer what you would change.

You say you are a new person. Prove it. Please post another forums post and tell us what you would do differently this time.

What you would do to make up for your actions. How would you move forward this time. It is good that you recognize what you did was bad. Perhaps give us a peek of the person who you have changed into and what your goals for the future on this server are. Perhaps you wish to grow the economy back to a healthy status. Perhaps you wish to encourage players to come to this server and help them learn the game and want to stay. These are merely suggestions.

So what say you? What would you do differently?

Sincerely VladDracul


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