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We’ve discussed the possibility of you returning several times, we wondered how long it would take you to appeal. We do believe that people change, and that second chances should be given after all.

56 days gameplay time is a lot – a lot wasted you could say, but you were definitely a long term player. It takes quite a bit for us to ban players such as yourselves – the number of mutes and the attitude you showed say it all to be honest; disrespecting staff decisions, arguing with staff, very toxic behavior.

While what goes on outside of PMC discord is none of our business, the stuff you say doesn’t exactly support your statement of “I have matured and grown over my toxic ways”. You’re still immature, you haven’t gotten over your toxic ways – people don’t just change their whole personality in 3 months.

At the end of the day we gotta ask ourselves; would unbanning you benefit the server community? We feel that at this stage the answer to this is ‘no’. We’re happy for you that you have found a new community to be a part of, but that doesn’t qualify you to return to this community just yet.

Feel free to appeal again in a few months, perhaps the situation will be different- perhaps you will be different.

Denied and closed.

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