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I believe it’s time for GingfulGlider to rejoin us in the vast world of Pirate Craft.

He has atoned for his mistakes by paying the price of Time.

He has grown a pair and now seeks to rebuild.

GingfulGlider in a nutshell is a genuinely great person, I really hope he makes it back to us, may it take months if this gets denied but my god, I hope he comes back, I hope he gets here so we can fill him in on what he has missed but most importantly…

I hope GingfulGlider can take in the fresh air of pirate craft and taste the fruits that come from being a pirate.

”Gliders were meant to fly” -Cosmic

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Governor in Rome.
Former High_Capal Of TNRR.
“To give up withought even trying is nothing but laziness”

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