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My chat is very small and I don’t tend to notice the messages all the time. I did not notice them while I was mining and then I was jailed. It was not because I was intentionally ignoring anybody. We talked in discord for a while instead of chat because that’s where he wanted me to send screenshots. My screenshots showed no texture packs.

I can send any my folders and texture packs folder. I did not know any of this xray nonsense was even possible. Also, I haven’t known him as long as you have but I already know that he has made a misjudgment against me. I would encourage you not to use that as evidence that I am guilty. I hope this will get resolved soon. Again, I am open to people using TeamViewer and looking through all of my files. The last mods I messed with was a fire and ice thing where there are dragon pets or something. Tried to make my own server for my friends and myself. Never got it to work. I will attach the files when I am home from class today.

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