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  • ★★★★★★★★
  • If you want new players to prevent spamming you can lower the requirements or make a cooldown on tpa request
  • This game isn’t hard to play. It is just plain boring when your friends all need to grind individually without each other which would just cause people to lose more interest in the game
  • Decent people would continue to play this game if the essentials are given to them. Most people won’t spend $5 just for a certain command

I’m not expecting for everything given to me. I’m just expecting the essentials for a Minecraft server to be given to me

  • There is a cooldown.
  • This is what I just described, the generation of “I want it now!” low attention span players, that just want to be given everything without earning it.
  • Essentails ARE given to them, thepoint.jpeg you need to read my reply I have already replied to you and actually take it in.
  • Again mate, you have to EARN your rewards by ranking up, this entices people to stay (unlike you thinking you need everything off the bat) you have it backwards.


In-fact, I recently HALFED the amount of time needed to rank up on the two first ranks, again as I said already, if you still can not understand this, you are not a strong enough player to survive PirateCraft, you will be on the forums in a week moaning you fell into a trap and lost something.

Other ways to travel:

  • We have public warps /travel you can meet up/go from there.
  • You can build a god damn ship and sail across the oceans
  • You can use a horse/pig/donkey/mule to move around the map
  • You can build a rail network to move across places
  • Use an ender pearl
  • Use ender pearls in cannons
  • Use /travel

Again, halfed the time for ranks really recently and you have ignored what I have told you so now its a locked thread.

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