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Was he aware of the rules? Was he aware they’re considered, ” cheating “?

Not to be that guy, (although you are) can’t we cut some slack because it’s the Christmas season? It wasn’t too long ago that the punishment for afk machines was a stats reset, why not deliver the same punishment, or even demote him a rank. A warning…? People make mistakes, people become frustrated and desperate, and even the ignorance and innocence of children (for whom this game showcases) is often confused with a cynical attitude. Do not forget to include this in punishment, or at least when seeking verdict. In fact, CrazyWolf5000’s punishment tracker is, well, almost pristine. Hello? There are way worse records of players here–all evidence points to the innocence of being unknowing.

Again, not to be that guy, but nobody likes a tattletale. I’m sure Lego would’ve sufficiently and appropriately reported this, him being staff, and all…

For once in anyone’s life, consider the other possibilities.

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Oops. How did that get here? Oh well!

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel!


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