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@Cysteen @Palmerageddon @GingfulGlider @Astrobolt @NickANaut

Nobody has given a way to reproduce, I tested myself as Sailor/Not OP/Gm 0 and it teleported me fine.

The only consistent thing I can see is people with TERRIBLE internet connection, So I assume its your internet not being able to load the chunks when you teleport.

  • How do we reproduce this each time, obviously nothing can be “fixed” if nobody gives a way to reproduce 100% of the time, I cannot submit a vague bug report.
  • What timeframe has this happened? @Astrobolt report isn’t related, so that’s being ignored from the timeframe in my head.
  • Is it just boats or all entities? Has it happened not on an entitiy?
  • What is the death message when you die? is it trapped in a block or dropped from a height?
  • ALL of the homes I have checked from people reported have been set INSIDE blocks, and the plugin is having to find a safe location to put you, so its having to do extra calculations in the split second you teleport as you have set your home inside blocks to put you somewhere safe, maybe I should just disable safe teleporting? then it’ll just block you teleporting into that block (hopefully) or just suffocate you. Maybe people need to die to place their homes properly.

Cant do anything until I have some basic information answered.

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