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Vlad, he did infact place a claim there but then removed it when I confronted him.

I could not get in contact with ash, buck, or hemp at the time becuase they were absent.

Also that was not Death_Jackels only crime against the alliance and Rome.

His crimes…

1) Plotted a claim in between Scadus and VERACE to prevent expansion…

2) Sieged Arie-on-the-Isle (a Roman military base)

3) blew up homes in Arie

4) attempted attacking me (failed)

5) killed ChrolloSan (a Roman solider while afk)

ChrolloSan is a witness of this and has confirmed that he has been attacked by Death_Jackel.

Also you are no longer our ally Vlad, and J_H_Rogers said quote

“I do not believe Cosmickingjoel should be affected by Isens charges due to them not being our ally

I also confronted you on ts and you denied everything only then when I attacked Jackel and showed you the screens you then Rage Quitted the TeamSpeak Channel confirming my suspicions.



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