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Blu Pearson
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The problem with the ping theory is that I just went and watched the video replay of the time in question. I have an auto game recorder that pops on as soon as I log on. I was there for 9 mins total.

They usually later crash but due to you banning him before he could respond or just crash i guess we’ll never know.

Kirn, Im not sure why you feel the need to be a smart ass to me with your little jabs like the one above and this one “He cant hear you he’s afk” in game.  It’s uncalled for and not appreciated.

I never say things I dont have a reason to say. You can see from the post above I was saying that in main chat to give him a chance to respond if he was just grinding at the computer and watching tv or something.

So I was there personally 9 mins, + how ever long the other staff member was investigating before I got involved, + how long it took the staff member to notice he was afk, with no crash and for the 9 mins I was there his character used the fish farm no problems, catching stuff the whole time, and not taking damage from any weapon.

At this time this appeal is denied and the ban will stand. You can re-appeal in 6 months.

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