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I have seen that some players from a particular group who actively tried to block the gates entrance/exits by either fusing movecraft ships/subs/whathaveyou to the sides of the canal (which is made of stone brick, a fusable block, more on that later), or by claiming the entrance/exits and building a 1 block wide bridge/line across so nobody can pass through. I wont say who did this, but im sure they’d know who they are.

some solutions maybe, use WE to change stone brick blocks to double stone brick slabs. double slab variants cant be used on ships, and cant be fused. (that’s why both canals that TAS and friends had built were lined with double stone slab, not only to make it look better but to prevent idiots from getting their ships stuck)

it’d be nice to have it admin claimed, but that’s up to staff; though max already said no to that idea. even just the entrance/exits so nobody claims it and blocks it off.

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