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Please do Gods – but is there a way to limit them to 1 each, because its unfair to “buy them for friends” – if your not online its tough luck

Its sad, but if someone can afford multiple, let them buy multiple. At the end of the day; more money out of the eco is good news and will automatically drop prices (complicated economics blah blah). Its sad but true 🙁

Im tempted to put up a bunch for sale, like 10-20 or so, all with the same name, this will drop the value of Elytras in general though.

Don’t overdo it haha. Stick with 3, every few months. If people only see 3 up for sale, they’ll buy them at a high price because they’ll assume they’re really rare. If you start selling a bunch of them, chances are people will see it as ‘just another thing you can buy from cove’ and possibly be less willing to buy them for a higher price.

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