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I would actually VOLLUNTEER as a mod for a day (if I got flight) to go and clean up the oceans

Why would you need to be a mod? Do it without being a mod, just have nothing of value on you. To be honest I’ve thought plenty to go clear stuff up, but just haven’t got round to doing anything like that.

Also, yes, a border expansion might be what we need

I agree, but its aim will only be to add ocean, and so we cannot be sure that it would, however it would generate more terrain that is new, but this would have the downside effect (which I believe Gods is trying to prevent) of causing more players to spread out further from one another, we also have to take into account that there currently isn’t a great feeling or demand throughout the community for world expansion (well no one as of now, has for a long while talked of world expansion).

and I do agree that some OP Players might leave

Agree? It is certain, and those who are no OP (like me) may also leave. I for one don’t know why I would leave, so I probably would stay, but I know that there are large groups of members in crews such as BE and EE whom aren’t ‘OP’ and merely build brilliant things, which if these were removed (e.g. London), would cause them to probably just leave.

Maybe adding more warps for outside access if the expansion is big

And here you address (not directly) the fear of groups of players being widespread around the map, and the addition of MORE warps, is exactly again what God’s is trying to avoid, as to encourage the use of ships, which is already impacted by the use of /tpa and /home.


Overall, you are correct, but again you bring up the same problems which have been brought up before. Not an attack on you, as it is always great to continue to bring up problems again and again about the server, it is how it improves, but they’re not ‘problems’ as such, but rather ‘constructive criticisms’, as the server still works and people implement the gameplay mechanics, some more than the others.

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