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SWe have no sponges. We will have no coral reefs! That will suck, especially for people who want to build a real-life aquarium. We will have no shipwrecks, loot for noobs!

Just think about the benefits. All those ‘noob homes’ and ‘dirt huts’ gone.

Ok here’s my opinion:

  1. We have sponges, people sell them, they are sometimes dropped in drop parties, and may be sold at cove in the near future
  2. Coral reefs are something we can add to the existing world when the update launches
  3. We have plenty of ship wrecks. Not the naturally generated ones, but we have plenty, with loads of iron and coal blocks in them from ships battles
  4. A lot of work has been put into people’s bases so far, and I doubt they would be happy with a restart, just sayin

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