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“yes of course ill just be polite asf when i board a ship, bring some tea and biscuts with me as well. If the people dont let me on board ill wish them a nice day.”

^ what pirate would do this

Do I or anyone say pirates should do this? I’m not saying dont board others and take their stuffs, i say dont blow the ship up in an unfair way.

It’s again this one “oh im a fucking priate so stop whining and let me fuck with people cuz i can so dont ruin my fun”

I’m growing ever so tired of this mentality that it’s a pirates thing to act like a douche, so thats your right.. Pirates did NOT swim around the oceans with tnt on their belt, blowing up other ships, they did so IN THEIR OWN SHIPS.. and very very very rarely ever blew up anyone just for the heck of it.

No one ever asked you to be polite, I’m trying to fix ships cuz i can tell you they do not work as intended and in my 2,5 years of being part of this community, they never have. sad to say. it has been improved, but it still doesn’t really work, because the tnt, once it was lighters, lighters got rebuffed, now u guys just use fucking tnt instead….. way to trick the system, good job. Thats why i think the policing is the only way, cuz no one gets the hint.

I would love if ships could work, but every time i want to talk about a fix, then “stop bitching, its a pirate server ffs”. Yes it is, yet you fuck it when blowing ships up the way u do, you use the tnt and abuse the ships mechanic, dont let it become what it can be – a ship to ship combat plugin… I get you just want the stuffs or see someone bitch about it in chat, but common..

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