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well, a lot of people use them for pvp (including myself) and this opens up the opportunity of getting kicked for “potentially glitching” while tagged and losing your inventory. also, i use fast event weapons for faster ground travel, and i did this yesterday and i got lagged back every ten seconds. i was even kicked underwater for “not taking knockback”. edit: also, callie did a major sale of a ton of event weapons, meaning that they are in the hands of a lot more people then they were before. also, people have died and lost them to others as well.

theres a lot of event weapons on the server now. I myself have a fairly large collection/stock of them. id prefer not to say how many and what ones, but i still have many of them, that i occasionally like to dust off and use every so often. other players, like cap, nado, and many others rely on event weapons for travel, or even an edge in pvp (no pun intended). and like cap said, theres a lot more in the eco now that callie sold them in his shop just a few weeks ago. theres a lot of event weapons on the server. i mean, a LOT. getting kicked for flagging anticheat by just using a special weapon makes a lot of players that use these not want to anymore, making the weapons practically useless. and since some players either paid out the bum for theirs, or grinded at callies wonderful events for hours, (or killed other players for their weapons) it would be heartbreaking for many people to not be able to use the items they worked for.

Event weapons provide what, only a 25% speed increase? 50%? Can’t you just allow anti-cheat to have a threshold 25%, 50% higher than normal, so that people can use event weapons and not get kicked. Its not like hackers would exploit this either; coming onto a server, you’d probably give yourself more of an advantage than that.

a soulless sabre gives the highest speed boost of any weapon (+20%), though a very select few even own one, even fewer use them actively. if someone were to also wear an ancient wither skull (a 2016 summer event item), they would gain an additional 10% speed boost. on top of this, if they were to offhand a frostie or santa sword (a 2016 Christmas event item) which gives +10% speed, they would be at a staggering +40% speed boost. pair that with a speed 2 potion, youll get +80% movement speed. it’s insane. not saying many people use that amount of gear/items to boost their speed, but callie’s events and crazy weapons have made that possible! it would be such a huge letdown to have the rare and valuable weapons we grinded for become solely display items. (because that would be their worth if you just get kicked in pvp for using them). there’s a lot of different combinations of items that give different speed buffs, and all of them stack with speed potions, so it’s possible to get some insane speed boosts (like what I described above, to my knowledge would be the fastest speed possible with all current event items on the server).


Just to clarify, you asking me to change the threshold will allow cheaters to continue using hacks instead of them being blocked.

So for the extremely few people that use a custom weapon to boost speed for example, you will be opening the ENTIRE server up to people able to use cheats to do the same thing. Just take a step back, don’t think about your own personal use, think about the server as a whole.

This new anti cheat is brand spanking new to me, so I would assume its a global threshold change, I will ask the developers and community that have used this plugin longer if there is a way to whitelist allowing item speed changes to be ignored by the anti-cheat, im 80% sure the answer will be its a global variable though.

If you are all insistent on changing it, I will move the threshold, But this reply will stay here as a warning when people complain about people cheating it.

I understand that these bespoke weapons were created/used/expensive to give an advantage to a very few, that’s a given. but you all need to take a step back and think of the server as a whole.

My aim is to reduce cheaters, improve the server as a whole, I’m not trying to remove custom weapon speed from people, that isn’t my intention, this is sadly just a result of upping the anti.

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