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The idea isn’t to have Quartermaster obtainable for everyone, I was thinking about having this as the only rank where you have to actually work for it to reach it, and then give it some obscure privileges for getting there. its set to not be obtainable, for The 1% the elite few, so then I can have a custom /online that displays the top tier gods of PirateCraft that reach it XD.

I was chatting with Staff and Blu suggested; Boatswain 20, First mate 45, Quatermaster 100. This works for me, I like these numbers.

The reason I like them, is then the entire set of ranks actually follow a pattern, the playtime for the next rank is double the previous plus a little bit, this makes sense to me, double then plus a little bit! that gives 20,45,100 a balance. It sets an impossible goal, boatswain was my initial impossible goal and we already have people over 100 days, not many but we have them, the server is over 3 and a half years old now, it also isn’t a complete nuke of boatswain for those that have already reached it.

I didn’t want to add in too many ranks, 2 should be perfectly balanced to give targets for long term players to achieve, the majority of new players barley get to cadet or sailor! plus we can always.

if we did the 15, 30, 60 we would need another new rank for the 100, I don’t really want to add another rank, I have always had the mindset that I wanted PirateCraft to be hard, and we do need that really impossible to obtain rank!

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