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@gterwiller broken legs are included in the plugin, you should have a read through the link sonic provided, it details quite a few diseases. @godsdead if you’ve got the time to configure the plugin, I’d love to test it out as it seems to be very interesting.

I wanted to test the animal one first! This one may be too OP if players are getting ill and need medicine, Im slowly working through my todo list of over 180 items, 1 of the items on that list will take me at least 60 hours 0_0, But this is something that shouldn’t take too long.

If anyone wanted to take a stab at the configs themselves while it runs on the test server, there is a way we can do that, its how I test certain plugins with staff, so if anyone wanted to test configs for it its entirely possible for me to host on the test server and allow someone else to mess with configs.

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