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@Godsdead I think that if diseases are added they should be relatively uncommon with the ones that occur most often are ones that are just caused by nutrition deficiency caused by a lack of a varied diet. Also the medicines should be like a light beer or water with a trace cyanide, with cyanide being obtained from apples since apple seeds contain small portions of cyanide. Or just eating a bunch of apples I guess, I mean they aren’t that easy to get. Also you can always just raise food saturation. Disease should be predictably preventable. There should be only one form of biological weapon, loading lots of rotten flesh or loading a pluggin byproduct of rotten flesh into a cannon and firing it at the person’s base during siege as this would be the only form of biological weaponry available during the age of pirates. The disease would take a few minutes to kick in and would affect the player/players within the base. The sieged player/players would have to stalk up on medicine for this particular situation. However this disease should eventually spread to the siegers if they are not careful during the siege and they will also have to bring medicines to deal with it. However the siegers would be affected at a slower rate. If the siegers really want to stay then they could bring in cargo ships or mules to carry more medicine so they can siege for a longer period time. When the siege ends the disease would go away and medicine would no longer be needed. This would set limits on how long a sieger could siege for depending on how much medicine they have. And with disease with animals I think it should also be uncommon and that should only cause the animals to become unable to breed until they are healthy.

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