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Gods and Eph got it spot on in my opinion, they hit the nail on the head.

Fistly, yes the cost may be high, yes it’s annoying for those who don’t have much money, but it’s essentially another set home, just more permanent and for the whole crew. Furthermore, if you don’t have a secure income to finance TP’s to your crew, well then set up a shop. There are almost always people at ae0’s town, so you can set up a shop there, and rely on reasonably good business.

Secondly, I’m just going to echo Eph. TP’s, although I use them a lot out of laziness, don’t let you see some of the most amazing builds on the server, and how they are linked into a spider web of roads. Pirates back in the day did not have TP’s, or ‘crew homes’. For all those who don’t like the cost, you’re lucky to have TP’s, and they are free.

Thirdly, regular sethome is free. When I first joined, I thought sethome would cost about £5 or more, but no. Once again, a luxury. Crew features are awesome how too, so as Gods mentioned, we’re all paying for that now.

Lastly, think of how crews are meant to work. A group of people that work together. Now, most people have taken the idea of crews a bit further and into established empires, with large ports and towns, markets, and trade ships. Most people don’t use ships to trade anyway, due to general TP’s, but you can use that to your advantage to teleport customers to you, and make money. Among one of several factors that makes a crew great and lasting, it’s it’s economy. Work together to export goods to other crews, crew members can set up shops and stalls at the crew home (that could be a market). Your £15 is just your stall fee in this case.

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