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Redstone clocks are very useful and often are necessary for certain redstone builds.

Specifics, im not here asking for “yes they are necessary” im specifically asking for exact uses, that are being used.

Hoppers take up 5% of resources? I have a massive fall trap lined with hoppers at the bottom…. probably about 250-500 hoppers within a couple chunks. :S

Yeah, I was never aware of the massive effect hoppers have on the server, maybe just poor design of them.


My other post actually gave specifics…auto farms. My mushroom farm requires a hopper redstone clock to work. And as far as I know, the only way to keep a chunk loaded is through some technique with a nether portal (forget how it works) and then having a hopper system transfer items to another chunk from the spawn chunk. But that chunk I’m assuming is admin claimed so that’s probably not a problem. However it appears barrels can keep a chunk loaded considering they age alcohol automatically when nobody’s in that chunk? I’m unsure though.

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