• I wasn’t referring to killing deckies with this suggestion – I was mostly referring to experienced players who call in a friend during a siege.

    as for the need for god gear – it does discourage fair fights for new players to “require” god gear. New players should be able to fight in iron and be fine if it’s a fair fight. Also I doubt new players…[Read more]

  • I will start off by saying I joined the server in 2015. I played for a little while, enough to rank up to sailor, but when I started back very recently, all I had to my name was one set of gear and tools. So even though I am Sailor/Captain rank, I am basically just a little past Cadet.

    I enjoy PvP  in games and I honestly enjoy the sieging…[Read more]

  • My Username: GroxTerror
    Coordinates: 2030 648
    Claim owner: lewyylq
    Time the Claim owner has been offline: 18 days
    Claim Size: 9×9
    Reason: this claim is on a small island i would like to build on. this player has built nothing here and has just left an empty box that prohibits me from building here.

  • groxterror became a registered member 3 months ago


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