April 2021 Build of The Month; Entries and Winners!

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Ahoy you filthy pirates! Behold the entries and winners of the Build of the Month for April 2021! There were so many AMAZING builds this month, it was a very difficult vote! Check out the wonderful builds and leave a comment! 

April’s Winning Survival Builders!

First PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
RoMich02Pjeturr MionaTheGreat & Fabul0usGandalf
Captain RankCommander Captain RankLieutenant Rank
10000 Claimblocks7500 Claimblocks5000 Claimblocks
1st Place Trophy2nd Place Trophy3rd Place Trophy
A set of special BOTM ToolsA set of special BOTM ToolsA set of special BOTM Tools

1st Place

CSN Port

by RoMich02

The main port of CSN where its docked RoMich’s personal fleet.

2nd Place


by Pjeturr

红山 translates to Red Hill, which is a small town on a mountain

3rd Place

Pharos of Endorin

by MionaTheGreat & Fabul0usGandalf

The Pharos of Endorin is a 150 blocks high lighthouse that with its extraordinary flame illuminating the sea to enable the safe voyage of ships towards the port. Its foundation combined with the strength of the architecture makes it withstand the hazards of the sea as well as earthquakes, threats that caused its ancient precursor to become broken down. This tower shall remain forever.

Full list of Entries for April 2021!

The winners’ builds are breathtaking for sure, but also all the other entries are wonderful as well, so let’s have a look at them too!


by YoloICN

The Hall of Blood

by Slain_Angel

The Eternal Shop of Hydra

by dpex81

Wow! What an amazing set of builds, right? Stay tuned for Next months BOTM and thank you for the submissions!

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