February 2021 Build of the Month Competition

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Ahoy you filthy scalawags! Behold the entries of the Build of the Month for February 2021! 

Silent Hill Castle

by Palmerto

Out of the roar rose a silence in the West, to outlast the kingdoms and claim the riches of the land.

Raider Extermination Entity

by Fabul0usgandalf

The Raider Extermination Entity is giant that tank equipped with 10 secondary working cannons and a 3000 mm main cannon. In addition vehicle bay to house a normal tank and its 3 helipads enable it to be used as a relay point for further expeditions. No one can escape from this behemoth thanks to its chains enabling a top speed of 0 km/h. And so it stands still in the landscape as a symbol that excessiveness doesn’t yield triumph.

The Lonely Mountain

by Swampfoot

The Lonely Mountain under which lies the great kingdom of Erebor

the Purple Reign

by Pjeturr

Welcome aboard the Purple Reign. This ship is the predecessor of the Infinitum, but equiped with thrusters and a shiny paintjob which makes it recognisable. The rotors on both sides and the thrusters give the ship an extra punch when it comes to speed to outrun it’s foes. Currently this ship is used as a small cargo ship.

Castello Astrale

by Lullaby93

Well Gentlemen, a “simple” floating island with a “common” castle on the top, nothin more, I hope you all will enjoy ; )

My base/cliff

by RatRaceRobot

My build is my base, cliff, dragons and all. This project has taken me 6 months to build and almost 2 weeks in-game. I am very proud of this build and I hope I win. (also, I would appreciate if you would ignore the glass up in the sky, it’s to stop the water from freezing). Thank You!

Fort Papalian

by ISellHugs

Acting as the advance post of the Eastern Seas, Fort Papalian protects the weaponry and ordnance needed for warfare, while also protecting one of the largest coal mines of any Sea Port. Armed with surface-to-air weaponry, and anti-ship weaponry with multiple turrets, she expects the unexpected.

Swashbuckler Sands

by TommaxP

Swashbuckler Sands is a cute little dessert island home to palm trees and paradise. There is a cave system and a ravine underneath, terraformed and decorated to give it that pirate feel. It comes equipped with a house, a church, a lovely brewery as well as many other individual rooms each decorated with lots of effort. It’s a build that is not only cool from the outside, but has secrets and beauty below the surface (literally)

Pisa tower

by Darth_Puss

A perfect 1:1 scale of Real life pisa tower

I’m coming Elon Musk!!!

by MajSay23

Eh I was bored…

The Guardian

by Shadqw_

Fish boi that sits on top of my house

Wow! This month’s builds were amazing! Stay tuned for the winners announcement, it will be a challenge to choose the best builds of this month! Before you leave, don’t forget to go submit and prepare your submissions for the next competition… I can’t wait to see them!

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