January 2021 Build of the Month Competition

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Ahoy you filthy scalawags! Behold the entries of the Build of the Month for January 2021! 

Endorien Ziggurat

By MionaTheGreat

The Endorian Ziggurat, a building made to outlive any of us. It will protect us and our remains till the very end from the rising sea. A monument made of the first-rate stone, the foundation of all civilizations made to last for eternity, and materials imported from all over the world garnish the inside.

La Blanchître

By SinfulGaudin

Bonjour Pirate of the Seven Seas. This is La Blanchître. We are a 5 Star French Hotel. The Owner of this build is Gaudin. The Hotel will be soon open.

Arc de Triomphe

by JohnPaulJones_

Pisa Tower

By Darth_Puss

A perfect 1:1 scale of Real life pisa tower

Start of Wallachia

By Soviet_MSay23 , Gqldn

We built a small village close to Vastere called Craiova. Please feel free to come by and enjoy the build.

Mount Wizmoore

By thesovietpriest

In a desert not far away you will find a lonely tower on a lonely mountain. The tower belongs to a wizard, equiped with full interior.

Fort Coconut

By Hampusgt and DeimosWreck

The house of your dreams, big as hell, insane, monstrous, built in an island with a custom jungle surrounding it, but the mansion looks nothing compared to the insane pirate ship that its parked on its entrance… Let the pics talk for itselves.

Fire and Ice Brewery

By Drbipper

A striking contrast between the nether materials and the ice leads to an overall moody feeling throughout the room.

Arctic Igloo Monument

By Rose1523

An igloo nestled between giant statues of a polar bear and a gentoo penguin

Wow! This month’s builds were astonishing! Stay tuned for the winners announcement, it will be a challenge to choose the best builds of this month! Before you leave, don’t forget to go submit and prepare your submissions for the next competition… I can’t wait to see them!

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