March 2020 Build of the Month Competition

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Thanks for your patience everyone! After a little over 2 months, we have another finished botm. We have 12 builds this month, with 2 of them being past submissions. I’m sure you’ll find something that catches your eye, so make sure to let me know which is your favourite in the comment section below!

The Great Western Wall

By Janick_, Claymaester, and BadBrando
3rd Place

The first phase of a defensive wall, built on the western border of Moria and inspired by the numenorean architecture of lord of the rings.

Acies Aurigae Endoriae

By Fabul0usGandalf
2nd Place

The Battlefield of endorian charioteer. With more seating places than the number of players the server could handle and statues that attract the favor of the gods, this roman circus is the ideal place to carry out horse races.

IRN Ares

By MoJake69

The IRN Ares is an Indiaman designed and built bu MoJake69. It has a total of 30 cannons. It is currently the largest ship in the Imperial Roman Navy, and is stationed at Arie-On-The-Isle.


By Swampfoot

The Kilted Kraken

By Coldat

Dock yer ship ‘n stretch yer sea legs at The Kilted Kraken! Sip a pint ‘n enjoy th’ latest PMC beats performed by DJ Nah-Khaled on th’ 2nd floor. The Kilted Kraken be th’ perfect spot t’ plot yer next adventure while gettin’ dizzy on th’ dance floor.

Heart of the Sea

By Atalantaa
1st Place winner

An orb of power floats above the temple… too many ships have sailed into its reaches. I wonder if it’s energy could be collected?

House Indoril-Isengard Embassy

By Stygian_Wolf_

The newly built embassy of House Indoril.

Pescata Village

By CosmicKingSp00k

In the Epirus province of The Imperial Roman Empire, there lay a small village named Pescata, it resides next to the road that leads to Pathere and Vastere. It is a farming and fishing village, which is said within Rome to be one of the best villages in the Empire.

Palazzo Italia

By Romich02

A palace placed in CSN capital with many building styles. This palace is taking from in real life buildings in scale 1:1. It has parts of Barberini palace the Quirinale, palazzo reale di Torino and others.

Citrus Manor Of The Krimzons

By ProWil

Standing tall amid the grand buildings of Charbelyiene, the Citrus Manor portrays itself as a powerhouse of the Krimzon Guard. Featuring the finest quartz, with draperies of crimson silk and the rarest artefacts, this manor boasts the greatest luxuries — equipped with an enormous Verussian banner, and several guests rooms, the structure is brought together with a lovely ballroom plaza, becoming the pinnacle of the build.

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