Creative Changelog January 2020

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Changelogs on the creative server /server creative from December 12th 2019 to January 30th 2020.

  • Fixed the /motd on /server creative to not have the survival motd (Must have overwritten it) Colors match the creative server in the server list now
  • Re-fixed @Builder & @Build Leader permissions
  • Updated Protocol hack on all servers to 1.15.2
  • Set Creative/Survival Fixed not being able to /gamemode creative on creative, alias include eecreative, creativemode, ecreativemode, gmc, gms, esurvival, survivalmode, esurvivalmode and I’m personally a fan of /gm 1 and /gm 0
  • Spawning Hopefully people spawn in the correct world when they first join now! People were still going to hub! If you are stuck in the hub please use /spawn to get to the Creative world.
  • When you join you are now in Creative mode and not survival, not sure why this changed! What a pain in the bum, that means people have been joining creative in survival mode and nobody reported it!
  • Created Creative Sea world! There is a whole new sea world you can /plot claim in and build what you want! Ships work! build and test ships! build tropical islands!
    • You can get here by going to /spawn and right clicking the Sea world NPC or you can use /sea or /ocean you can always get back with /spawn
    • Ships are blocked when you cruise to the edge of your plot, but there seems to be a bug where if you cruise half your ship may end up in the next plot.. I will report!
    • There are no paths on the sea world, so you will have to use /plot info to help you find the edges of your claim, remember you can merge plots for more space!
    • Map Link
  • Removed the old NPC text about the custom biome world, that’s long gone!
  • Fixed NPCs actually being clickable on Creative plots thanks for the report @stevenking169
  • Re-gave permission to access the hub world, and added signs/pressure plates to tell people to use /spawn to get to the main creative.
    Still have a few lost souls stuck wandering around the hub world not knowing what’s what!
Creative Hub world Spawn
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Posted on January 30, 2020

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