January 2020 Build of the Month Competition

January 29, 2020 10:25 pm Published by in , , . 3 Comments

Arrrg, it’s that time again! We had a stunning assortment of beautiful builds this month, ones that would make the best builders gaze in awe. Make sure to look at each one, and tell us which is your favourite in the comments section!

The Rochester Ballroom

By _Reef_

It is a ballroom with a reflective floor being the main center-piece. With a grand door and expensive wall pieces. Has a piano in the corner. Lighting on the walls and Rochester banners flying proud. It is intended for grand balls and extravagant dances.

Japanese Empire

By Reynagrl

Palazzo Italia

By RoMich02

A palace placed in CSN capital with many building styles. This palace is taking from in real life buildings in scale 1:1. It has parts of Barberini palace the Quirinale, palazzo reale di Torino and others.

BloodWolf Harbour

By StevenKing169

A beautiful and tranquil town, with big medieval stylish buildings with pointy red roofs.


By Xeron

Tree. Its just a tree.

Amusement Park

By CO0Kl3, Sttary, Disco_Dropplet, and Ninjvire

A place of Fun! There is a rollercoaster, love boat, merry-go-round, and much more! A great amusement park.

Cirrus Manor Of The Krimzons

By ProWil

Standing tall amid the grand buildings of Charbelyiene, the Cirrus Manor portrays itself as a powerhouse of the Krimzon Guard. Featuring the finest quartz, with draperies of crimson silk and the rarest artifacts, this manor boasts the greatest luxuries — equipped with an enormous Verussian banner, and several guest rooms, the structure is brought together with a lovely ballroom plaza, becoming the pinnacle of the build.

TFB Farm

By Rex, Cotij, and Sizzle

A friendship vault for the Friendship Boys.

Starlight Boardwalk

By PanOfSteel

A 1910s themed flying boardwalk, a hub for both sea vessels and flying vessels.

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