August 2019 Build of the Month Winners!

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This Months best builders!

Thank you to everyone for participating, please remember you can submit builds as big or small as you want, they don’t even have to be complete! We would love to see builds that are in the build process too, we may be able to get a nice shot from a certain angle!

First Place Second Place Third Place
Maximus_Terragon ResidentGnome PizzaLover106_02
BotM Kit BotM Kit BotM Kit
1st Trophy 2nd Trophy 3rd Trophy
10000 Claim Blocks 7500 Claim Blocks 5000 Claim Blocks

1st Place XNS Pegasus

By Maximus_Terragon

A standard ship of the Xenian Navy, stationed in the port of Xenia. The design was inspired by the famous French ‘Téméraire-class’ from 1782, boasting 74 cannons. In real life, the design was found to have the correct balance of firepower, maneuverability, and protection, making it the most numerous class of capital ship ever built to a single design.

2nd Place Hell’s End

By ResidentGnome

A lone hellish castle in a far away land, surrounded by miles of endless sea – ready for any attacker that dares to face it.

3rd Place Pizzo Palace

By PizzaLover106_02

The headquarters of the Italian Trading Company, or ITC for short. A luxurious palace build on top of a giant factory. The ITC produces most of its trade goods here.

Enter September 2019 BotM

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Written by Elo

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Written by Elo

A Player focused on the economic side of piratemc and helper.

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Posted on August 30, 2019

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