July 2019 Build of the Month Winners!

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Dragonskeleton at the ocean floor

This Months best builders!

Thank you to everyone for participating, please remember you can submit builds as big or small as you want, they don’t even have to be complete! We would love to see builds that are in the build process too, we may be able to get a nice shot from a certain angle!

First Place Second Place Third Place
Joshua_Jones HaloBearer98 StevenKing169
BotM Kit BotM Kit BotM Kit
1st Trophy 2nd Trophy 3rd Trophy
10000 Claim Blocks 7500 Claim Blocks 5000 Claim Blocks

1st Place Dreadpirate Jones Remains

By Joshua_Jones

This giant skelleton confirms the past excistance of giant humanoid like creatures. Rumored to be a great pirate named Jones pirates and explorers alike still dream of finding his hidden treasure.

2nd Place Crown Castle

By HaloBearer98

The Castle is composed of four bastions and a main central body; following the plan of a 19th century military fortification. On top sits a snowy landscape fitted with an ice boat racing track and plenty of vegetation. A small Observatory Tower is located on the western wall. The castle is home to the Endorien Council Room.

3rd Place HMS Torrington

By StevenKing169

HMS Torrington is an Indiaman owned by Bazurka. It is the flagship of the British Empire’s Port Royal Squadron.

Enter August 2019 BotM

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Written by Elo

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Written by Elo

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Posted on July 29, 2019

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