May 2019 Build of the Month Winners!

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This Months best builders!

Thank you to everyone for participating, please remember you can submit builds as big or small as you want, they don’t even have to be complete! We would love to see builds that are in the build process too, we may be able to get a nice shot from a certain angle!

First Place Second Place Third Place
Pashjn ProWil&ToxicKingRS Lawzoneon
2 Months Captain 2 Months Commander 2 Months Lieutenant
BotM Kit BotM Kit BotM Kit
1st Trophy 2nd Trophy 3rd Trophy
6000 Claim Blocks 4000 Claim Blocks 2000 Claim Blocks

1st Place Eastguard

By Pashjn

Eastguard is a military base in order to keep threats from stepping in the whispering forest. It sets the eastern border of Ald Ruhn. Lord commander of Eastguard is Cottage.

2nd Place Parliament Of The Mariy’araan

By ToxicKingRS & ProWil

The great Verussian parliament of the Mariy’araan stands tall against the government district in downtown Charbeliyene. With spirals pointing high in the sky, the exceptionally intricate details outside showcase the high status of government. Within, tall bookshelves tell tales of Verussian foundation, and chandeliers shine light onto ages past with respect to futures to come; within the grand atrium, colors of blue and white welcome the prestigious in to vote and debate.

3rd Place Castle Pangaea

By Lawzoneon

Among the desolate lands of the End lies a majestic castle, the capital of the continent of Frevance; New Mariejois. The former home of a forsaken nobleman who abandoned his cruel parents, tainted with tales of treachery. The sole inhabitant of the opulent castle, feared among the nobles dreading his revenge. A lavish exterior houses an interior to match, with rumours of a secret laboratory underneath – constructed by a mad scientist who uses forbidden techniques in surgery to create his loyal lab assistants.

Enter June 2019 BotM

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