April 2019 Build of the Month Winners!

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This months best builders!

Thank you to everyone for participating, please remember you can submit builds as big or small as you want, they don’t even have to be complete! We would love to see builds that are in the build process too, we may be able to get a nice shot from a certain angle!

First Place Second Place Third Place
ScriptX Pashjn ProWil
2 Months Captain 2 Months Commander 2 Months Lieutenant
BotM Kit BotM Kit BotM Kit
1st Trophy 2nd Trophy 3rd Trophy
6000 Claim Blocks 4000 Claim Blocks 2000 Claim Blocks

1st place Steampunk Airship

By Script X

A huge steampunk styled airship that hovers over the TNE capital. Build out of an estimated 30.000 Blocks this Airship is truly one of its kind!

2nd place Red Mountain

By Pashjn

Red Mountain is said to have been carved out of an active volcano, granting the smiths access to a forge, powered by the Earth itself.

3rd place The Sacred Mountain World

By ProWil

Nestled within a valley, protected by the large mystical mountains of Verussia, lies the fallen temple of the Lost. The once pristine temple since ruined and abandoned – thought to have existed prior to the mountains themselves – void of human life. The mountain a test of time, holding within its dark secrets. Some speculate, the monks awoke to the mountain appearing suddenly overnight – it is only until the rebirth of the world, that we may see it shift and travel once more. The Verussians, wait attentively.

Enter May 2019 BotM

Have a build you want to enter? Want to re-enter a build? Make sure to sign up for the BotM May 2019 on the Forums now!

1 Comment

  • FatherAnderson

    Yaaaaaa Congrats everyone for your hard work. Im sorry for Dylan I was rooting for the little guy. Oh well perhaps next time.
    Well that was one impressive contest don’t forget you can enter your builds again if they did not win this time. who knows you might get first place.

    Sincerely VladDracul

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