April 2019 Build of the Month Competition

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Arr fellow Pirates! We are reviving the BotM competition, entries for this month are closed but fear not for by the dead gods grace we shall have another next month!

Behold the entries of the BotM April! Maybe add a comment and convince the Judges for the build you like best.

Government Office of The British Empire

By Taulov

The Office where all British-Empire officials meet. A detailed build on the shore of the River Thames crowned by a great glass dome.

Dylan the Scorpion

By Palmerageddon

He’s been working out since the last BotM and hopes to win your vote. Look at those washboard abs of Dylan. He’s a specimen worthy of your vote!

Red Mountain

By Pashjn

Red Mountain is said to have been carved out of an active volcano, granting the smiths access to a forge, powered by the Earth itself.

Morandi Bridge

By zRomich02WR

A great 100% Italian bridge built in memory of the real Morandi Bridge.

Steampunk Airship

By ScriptX

A huge steampunk styled airship that hovers over the TNE capital. Build out of an estimated 30.000 Blocks this Airship is truly one of its kind!

Tower of Shojin

By The_great_E

A fortress that serves as a base for a small Japanese navy.

The Sacred Mountain World

By ProWil

Nestled within a valley, protected by the large mystical mountains of Verussia, lies the fallen temple of the Lost. The once pristine temple since ruined and abandoned – thought to have existed prior to the mountains themselves – void of human life. The mountain a test of time, holding within its dark secrets. Some speculate, the monks awoke to the mountain appearing suddenly overnight – it is only until the rebirth of the world, that we may see it shift and travel once more. The Verussians, wait attentively.

Hakaguri Castle at Stary Oskol

By Decsain

A Japanese castle with 5 layered rooms and unique roofs on each. a 25 by 25 base on the bottom lifted off the ground and built from stone, stone brick, bone, and iron bars.

Nisrei Palace

By ToxicKingRS

The Nisrei Palace holds some of the rarest and most sought-after relics of the server. Open to only the most prestige of the government, and the luckiest members, are granted permission to see its internal beauty. Withstanding several sieges, and sitting on top of one of the most secure vaults of PirateCraft.

How do I enter the next Build of the month?

Keep an eye out on the Forums and join our discord!

Who will pick the winner?

The winners will be decided upon via staff votes. A post will soon follow announcing the winners!

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Easter Crate 2019

Written by Elo

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Written by Elo

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Posted on April 20, 2019

1 Comment

  • FatherAnderson

    Wow that’s allot of choices. I don’t even know where to begin.

    Such great builds. Im personally rooting for Dylan he is the underdog I feel he may be small but he has allot going for him. The Pose the background not to mention the wonderful abs. This guy is going to the top this time I feel it.

    Also the Steampunk Airship just Wowzers I have never seen anything like it. It is truly worthy of the title of Best Build of the Month and perhaps the year.

    The British Empire Government Office is just big I mean look at those proportions just stunning and the architecture lovely as always. Good work I cant wait to see what you post for next month.

    Now on to one I think is truly Marvelous. The Red Mountain build is mystical and yet hidden not showing all it has to offer. Great build I would love to see more of it thou.

    Now the Tower of Showjin is a personal favorite. I love anything Asian related especially castles towers and bridges. Good job on the lighting and the boats are an especial nice touch. Truly worth of being a competitor in this months build competition.

    Onto the Sacred Mountain. My only question is did you terraform all that. It looks truly natural. Not to mention all the detail. I would have liked to see more pics thou.

    Nisrei Palace is yet another build that falls into the wow category. The size and time is huge. I see some of the outside, but the inside is lacking I cannot see it all and I would love too.

    Morandi Bridge now that is a bridge I bet you could walk a whole army of elephants on it and it wouldn’t budge.
    Structurally secure and sporting that moderish look. Not bad at all.

    Last but not least Hakaguri Castle. If it is Japanese I love it. As I said before I have a personal love of Japanes culture and mostly there Amazing castles. The detail on the outside is just stunning. I would have liked to have seen some pics of the inside thou.

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