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I am super excited to announce Pirate Auctions /auc, built for PirateCraft by the wonderful @creepermorderen.

Pirate Auctions allows me to put up items for Auction, where an item is bid on over a certain amount of time and is sold to the highest bidder. If you have ever used eBay, this is the PirateBay version!

definition; Auction

a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder.

What will be sold and when?

I will be starting with a plethora of custom and valuable items from the Economy & Item dupe players confiscation from 3 months ago! This is brilliant, as it releases custom made items from banned players back into the world and its also healthy for the economy. Giving everyone a chance to bid on these items in the fairest environment we could think of, Auctions! 

Time-frames & Examples 

The plan is to release 1 custom named item or previous event weapon every 5 days and put them up for auction for 5 days (Just like ebay!) The Custom/Event items will start at a high price, so they are sold for a minimum amount. For example at present there is a Rainbows sword up for auction I started at £5000 and its sitting at £7000 with 2 days 5 hours left. I custom made this 1 sword years ago, I can’t remember the reason, which makes it unique.

Rainbows sword in /auc

Its not all big money though, you could get yourself a steal for some other items, I have been putting all other items up starting at £0! For example look at these diamond boots at only £2 at present!

How to bid, collect, sort, quick-bid and follow auction items

Super easy! Simply /auc > Click the item you want > Increment your bid by clicking the green Clay buttons > Register you bid by pressing the green glass! Done! You will be notified if you are outbid live! If you are offline you will get sent /auc news about the items you are bidding on.
You can follow an item without bidding by clicking the clock icon on the item you want to get updates on.

How to bid & follow items demo

How to bid on Pirate Auctions /auc

How to quick bid

Yo can bid quickly by using keyboard shortcuts. Click on the gold horse Armour showing balance and press keys 1 (-1000), 2 (-100), 3 (-10), 4 (-1) to negate your bid offer and 6 (+1), 7 (+10), 8 (+100), 9 (+1000) to increment your bid. These keys mimic the 4 left red clay blocks and the 4 right green clay blocks.

How to Quick-bid on Pirate Auctions /auc

How to collect items

If you were offline when an auction ended, you will need to collect your won items by using /auc collect.

Sort items

Items are sorted in /auc by ending soonest, you can toggle how items are sorted by pressing the ender eye in /auc.

Bid Increments

The bid increment is the amount which the current highest bid is raised each time someone places a higher bid. Bid increments will be implemented very soon to stop high end items being outbid by small amounts, bid increments will be relational to the current bid.

Item Current Bid
Bid increment
£0 – £20
£20 – £50
£50 – £200
£200 – £500
£500 – £2000
£2000 – £5000
£5000 – £8000
£8000 +

Happy Bidding!

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Posted on December 10, 2018

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