Halloween Event 2018 – Elite Mobs

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PirateCraft has been taken over by Elite mobs this Halloween month! Elite mobs are more powerful Minecraft mobs that will randomly spawn over existing mob spawns around all worlds!

There are also special events that will trigger a Boss elite mob, This is a super elite mob that will require a lot more coordination to defeat! Watch chat for these Boss mob notifications, as they will be random and have to be found! They will spawn around events triggered by Pirates, like Mining and fishing!

To really up the survival aspect of this Pirate survival server, I doubled the spawn rate of normal mobs and their activation range!

The elite mobs range in levels which is dynamically based on what armour and weapons you have, how many pirate are around you.

I made a custom PirateCraft Halloween Logo!

How do I play?

  1. Kill Elite mobs & Bosses that randomly spawn around the worlds
  2. Collect the procedurally generated loot and either sell it to the /em store, or use it against the Elite mobs.
  3. Rank up with /ag (Adventurers Guild) to get better loot spawn on higher level mobs!
  4. Buy custom items with the Doubloons earned from /cshop (Custom Shop)
  5. Go back to step 1!

Useful commands

  • /em stats will show the amount of Elite mobs that have spawned in the world.
  • /em checktier will check a tier
  • /em wallet will show you your Doubloon balance
  • /ag lets you level up and therefor create harder mobs with better loot drops.
  • /em shop will open a GUI to sell the item drops to the shop for doubloons
  • /em cshop will open a Custom shop for custom items that do not change
  • /em cointop will show the stats for top Doubloon holders
  • /em pay will allow you to pay someone with the doubloons

Elite mob Features

  • Elite mobs will ignore mob Spawner’s, so no cheeky farming them!
  • Boss spawns are random, but based on player events, like fishing or mining!
  • Working together against a mob with a team with god tier armour, will give you a stronger mob with better drops
  • Some of the boss mobs can move blocks
  • Mob drops are procedurally generated and drops are also dynamic based on your current kit (What you are wearing and weapons), the people around you with their kit and also the level you are using with /ag
  • Item Tier = main enchantment level + material type tier, in depth details.

Halloween Crate & Custom /kits

To go with the events we also have have a custom Halloween Crate with Key drops and all /kits had a re-name for Halloween!

When does the Halloween event end?

All Halloween content ends on the Wednesday 21st November, this includes The halloween crate and custom kits.

Player Guide Video

Upcoming Events

  • Ship Battle – Weekend of 7th December

Store Sales

We have a coupon code pumpkinpirate for 15% OFF the store for the Haloween coupon code, and Black Friday is upcoming so keep an eye on the website!

Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

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Posted on October 31, 2018

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