February 2018 Build of the Month Competition

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Greetings! The first build of the month in many months, with entries ranging from a pagoda to a garden. For a little change, the winners for this BotM will be decided by staff. Good luck!

Old Tempest Town

Build by CommanderAsher_ (with help from BrightLightsSoph)

A peaceful seaside trading town complete with ships, a town hall, a church, and a market place for trading. Overall this build makes great use of small details, which gives it a unique character.

Hidden Gardens

Build by Cysteen

A beautiful garden built far underground into a large open cave, with houses built into the walls, connected with walkways. This build looks great in low light levels, making full use of its eerie and peaceful atmosphere!

Zeppelin L-13

Build by Maximus_Terragon

A typical 1930s German Zeppelin, with several cosy rooms, a dining hall, and a bar. While it may not look stunning from the inside, this build makes up for it in sheer size!

TNE Townhall

Build by Lord__MJ (with help from ScriptX)

A very well detailed structure that is sure to stand proud in any town! This tall build stands over its town, always telling its folk the time – that being 3 o’clock. Simply beautiful from every angle, but I’d get that clock checked out.

Castles of Japan

Build by VladDracul (with help from lazydog11)

A peaceful and enclosed structure, inspired by Japanese pagodas. This build makes use of flora and fauna to complement its detailed pagoda. A peaceful build throughout.

Marula Island

Build by francociccio

A busy town with a port in the middle of an ocean, and at its heart the infamous arena with an Eagle watching over it. Its mighty walls have made it one of the safest towns on Piratecraft, as well as one of the most alcoholic; earning it the nickname ‘city of alcohol’.

City of Nede

Build by JUSAplayer1 (and castle wall help from Lawzoneon)

A spooky location for a very spooky build. We’ve not had anything quite like this before in the End – making it by far the largest (and probably only) town in that dimension. Some of you will also recognize this build from the Halloween event from last year, to which JUSA kindly agreed to lend it to us.

WasbeerOpStokkie’s base

Build by WasbeerOpStokkie

Last but not least, a fabulous little base with a variety of different styles going on. From medieval walls, to pagodas, to a techno style underwater area. This build has something for everyone – and who would have thought that it works so well together! Something truly unique.


A special thank you to Kaithefireninja for helping out with the screenshots, and Rivvur for going out of her way to take some too. Another special thank you to LEGQ who kindly added the PMC logo to all the images – I wouldn’t have had time, so thanks you guys!

Staff will now vote for the winner over the next few days, and a follow up post will follow announcing the winners. Stay tuned and good luck!

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