Splice the mainbrace its a pirate Christmas!

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Merry Christmas From PirateCraft

From the whole team at PirateCraft we wish you all the very best for the holiday season! Its that season again to drown in grog and hang your cutlass from the Christmas tree!

In true PirateCraft fashion we have been having a blast of events, games and Merriment this December! Lets fill you in, its not over yet!

We Dug up an old classic from last year, We brought back the XMAS PirateCraft Map with custom mobs and custom loot drops!

Whats going on this holiday season?

  1. Custom Xmas world to explore with 18 custom mobs to kill for custom loot drops
  2. Treasure chest system, collect all the custom items from the Treasure Chest at cove!
  3. Collect all the advent calender items from your /kits, one has been released every day of December in the countdown until Christmas.
  4. Play on our new BootyWars mini-game, protect your booty chest from the other teams!
  5. To Come, Destruction of the Xmas world! We did this last Xmas and its great fun to blow up an entire world, steal what you want and just cause destruction, so when were ready youll be able to smash up and steal whatever you want from the Xmas world, we will also toggle PVP on to kill people too! Merry Christmas!

Xmas World and Custom mobs

To get yourself to the Xmas world you can use /warp xmas, /warp event or /warp station and go through the portal, you will spawn in a PVP free spawn area, follow the road and read the signs to get to the custom mobs, you can view the Xmas world on the live map here.

PvP is currently disabled in the Xmas world entirely to allow people to work together to obtain custom loot drops and keys!

Whats in this world?

  • 18 Custom mobs, scattered around the whole map.
  • 40 Custom items drop, some much rarer than others!
  • 3 Custom bosses that may drop rarer items!
  • 40% Key drops from Santa and Frosty for everyone that works together to take them down!

Oh snap! happy hunting! So what are all the custom items? *takes a deep breath*

All Custom Items to Collect this Christmas

Xmas Mobs

Items dropped by Mobs at /warp xmas, in no order or rarity order!

  • Present
  • Plastic Sword
  • Winter Buster
  • Flake Sabre
  • Yule Gasher
  • Tormented Rod
  • Nut Cover
  • Rusty Breastplate
  • Jolly Gingernuts
  • Mistletoe Sweetfoot
  • Cranium Defence Decor
  • Beer Gut Holster
  • Twerkable Leg Covers
  • Moonwalkin Slippers
  • Brown Bag Protection
  • Diamond Encrusted Boulder Holder
  • Camel Toe Creator
  • Hooker Heels
  • Liquorish Whip
  • Mommys Toy
  • Lump of coal
  • Princess`s Plug
  • Not Your Christmas Cookie
  • Elf Poop
  • Doubloon
  • Holly Cap
  • Humbugs Hat
  • Jolly Tux
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Tinseled Trousers
  • Grouchy Jeggings
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Twine Spun Bow
  • Dream Crusher
  • Snowball Blocker
  • Santa`s Frosting
  • Crystal Ball
  • Naughty or Nice List
  • Reindeer Snot
  • Grave Digger

Collectable Items from the Treasure Chest /treasure

  • The Northern Lights
  • Santa`s Magic Bag
  • Krampus Kleaver
  • ShimmyShakin SugarPlum
  • Colon Blaster Chili
  • Peppermint Pokey Stick
  • Scrumptious Elfjam Cake
  • Santas Little Helper
  • Glow Stick
  • Cackle Fruit
  • Reindeer Grub
  • Naughty Nugget
  • 10/50/100/1000 in-game cash.

Items from the Xmas Kits from December 1st to the 25th.

  1. Christmas presents!
  2. Santa Fuel
  3. Christmas candle
  4. Silent Night
  5. Holy Night
  6. Mince Pie
  7. Fruit cake
  8. Turkey head
  9. Mulled Wine
  10. Turkey
  11. Christmas presents!
  12. Grinch hat
  13. Naughty, naughty pirate!
  14. Chocolate!
  15. Grinch suit
  16. Santa sleigh
  17. Stocking
  18. Cranberry sauce
  19. Grinch trousers
  20. Candy Cane
  21. Wise Man Gold!
  22. Christmas tree
  23. Pigs out of blankets
  24. Grinch trainers
  25. Christmas tree topper

Treasure Chests

Bloody Loot crates, there everywhere! Yarr, they just made their way to PirateCraft in the form of “Treasure Chests” turns out, there a bloody awesome way to deliver custom items to Pirates, were a little behind everyone on this whole Crate thing, so were keeping it simple. 1 crate for Xmas, the ClaussCoffer! This Treasure chest is found directly at /warp cove, to your left as you spawn on the transport ship at the dock. You can browse the contents of the chest by left clicking, or you can gamble a key by right clicking the key on the chest! Its got an awesome CSGO Animation!

How do I get Keys!

You can obtain Keys by battling the Boss mobs at /warp Xmas, Santa and Frostie have a 40% drop of keys to everyone that deals significant damage to them, this means you can work in teams to take down the boss’s and everyone will be in with a chance of a key, not only that but the bosses drop Common drops and also have their own drop table in for a chance of a rare mob drop!

Buy Keys

Too much effort? you can buy the Treasure Chest keys from /donate and https://piratemc.com/donate/ in packs of 5 at a time! These are only $2.75 for a pack of 5! Do make use of our current xmas coupon code yohoho for 15% off all purchases from the store. If you are in-game, run /donate and click on the snowball then the only key we have!


Thank you to CallieMav for creating the Custom mobs from last year

Thank you to SmokeyRiver for naming the custom loot items

Thank you to MrBluBeardYeti for Creating the Items and testing the Treasure Chest system

Thank you to Chailey for creating the Advent calender items

Thank you to myself for Putting it all together!

15% off Sale!

Use the coupon code yohoho when you checkout at the PirateCraft store, or use /donate in-game.

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