Build of the Month: Winners: Up to August 2017

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So! The results are in! Who are the winners of the most recent Build of the Month competition? What about the runners up?

Well to start with, the staff team and I are delighted to announce a brand new structure when it comes to Build of the Month winners! We will be keeping the top 3 player winners, but we will be introducing a new winner! A winner as decided by staff members, who will win a special prize or two each month!

Without further ado, here we go!

Player winners

The player winners are the winners of Build of the Month, as defined by the in-game player vote.

1st place

Coconut Bay by batteria_

This sprawling, bustling, pirate haven is completely deserving of first place! The colour, depth and detailing in this build make it truly unique, a compulsory visit for every pirate!


  • 10,000 claim blocks
  • Build of the Month kit

2nd place

Skull Port by tehnoob101

A fitting build for a pirate server, this skull-shaped port is truly spectacular. The scale and grandeur of this build definitely make it deserving of this position!


  • 5000 claim blocks
  • Build of the Month kit

3rd place

Pyramid of Sand Spear by Prince_Leon

This unique, nicely detailed build is fully deserving of a place in the top three of this month’s competition! The use of colour, texture, and depth truly make this build stand out!


  • 2500 claim blocks
  • Build of the Month kit

Staff Winner

Skull Port by tehnoob101

The staff votes have been counted separately this month! As such, we are proud to announce our first ever staff winner! Congratulations to tehnoob101, who has been voted by staff as the first ever staff winner of Build of the Month with his very thematic, and highly-detailed skull-shaped port!


  • Custom, relevant item! (See GodsDead for details!)
  • 2 months of captain! For free!

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