Build of the Month: Up to August 2017

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Hello hello! Sorry it’s been forever (again) since the last Build of the Month! But we are back again! Hopefully with Galaxy219 on board as screenshotter (make sure to thank and congratulate him when you get a chance!), we can roll these out more regularly! Without further ado, onto the entries!

Coconut Bay

Build by batteria_ (with help from AppleJK)

Bristling with colour, and with its own Hollywood-style sign, Coconut Bay is bristling with everything a pirate could ever need! Two docks, countless homes to pillage and raid, and even its own palace! What more could a pirate possibly need?

Everglow Lighthouse

Build by sonictheturtle (with help from Diamondustdemon)

A beacon of hope to all lost pirates, this lighthouse guides the way to land! Simple, yet beautiful, this build is a symbol of hope, amongst other thing. The perfect haven for any pirate after a long time lost at sea!

King’s Friday

Build by SnapCrackPlays (with help from gildor_stinky)

A great example of how to use palate well, this build combines some beautiful textures, making them work seamlessly together. This build also makes good use of depth, in order to keep its structure appealing to the eye.

Skull Port

Build by tehnoob101

A canal which leads to an incredibly unique, pirate-themed port in the shape of a skull! Which pirate in their right mind wouldn’t want to dock their ship here! There is also plenty of room within the skull to store any size of ship!

Schloss Neuschwanstein

Build by KetohPie

A build based on the real-life Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany, this build encapsulates the grandeur and the wonder of the real castle, this build is a truly fantastic reconstruction!


Build by JoeDanger_

A humble cottage overlooking the savanna, desert and a bay. A few small farms, a well and some docks are situated nearby for any pirate that wishes to live there. The stunning location and beautiful style of this build make it truly fantastic!

The Pyramid of Sand Spear

Build by Price_Leon

A home suitable for a pirate king, this large pyramid, beautiful on both the inside and out, make this truly a build of luxury. The use of texture and shape in this build make it truly stand out, and a phenomenal build.

How do I vote?

We changed how you now vote for Build of the month starting from today! All you need to do now, is log into the server and you will get the vote dialogue automatically pop up when you log in! Don’t worry if you missed it, you’ll be reminded every so often to vote!

All you have to do is click the Build name in chat that you want to vote for! Be careful as you only get one shot to click!

You can view results by using /poll results botmaug17 which will bring up a GUI with the results!

The URL of this blog post is linked in the title of the poll, all clicks are tracked to see how many people click through and look at the blog post opposed to those that just vote without looking at the blog post, this will give us a good idea of how many people ask their friends to just vote for them.

You will be rewarded with 1 Doubloon, at present these have no use, they will in the future.

Thank you so much to everyone for their entries! Remember, we can’t run Build of the Month without submissions from you! Please continue to get involved so we can get this series running regularly again! 😀

A special, fantabby-dosy huge thank you to Galaxy219, without whom this post would not have been produced! He took the screenshots of all of your builds, so please, if you do see him in-game, be sure to thank him for his time and hard work! I hope he continues to stick with the media team to help make Build of the Month run smoothly!

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