January/February 2017: Build of the Month Competition

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Welcome back to Build of the Month! Many entries for this one, and we hope that throughout this year, the entries will continue to flow! Best of luck to all who entered! Without further ado, here are the entries!


Lavi’ Lavir’

Build by AdmiralTrench

This fort was designed to last the test of time, and is accompanied with the start of a small village. This build stands tall, and serves its function very well!


Statue of dagersh

Build by AstroTrump

The use of various blocks to create this build is admirable. The build itself is simplistic in nature, however it is incredibly clear what AstroTrump is trying to show.


Secluded Isle

Build by gildor_stinky

An island which houses a monastery dedicated to holding gifts provided by the Vanished Admin. This building makes use of available space, depth, and texture in a beautiful way.


Village of St Ender

Build by Kanube

A place for all travelers, where they can come to feel safe and worship. Not only does this build provide a high level of functionality, but also has many more leisurely aspects to it.


Skyfall Manor

Build by Kethoe

A defensible manor home, this build makes good use of breaking up textures by having a nice frame to the build, and uses depth well, to create a construction pleasing to the eye.


Ancient Laboratory

Build by Lawzoneon

Built centuries ago, this laboratory was part of Vegapunk Science’s goal to make the impossible become possible. Lawzoneon used different textures very well to create the unique atmosphere that this build provides.


The Marolosseum

Build by MasterM1214

The symbol of Marula island, this arena can be used to host all sorts of battles, be they land or water, due to the sliding platform that opens up to a water pool.


PopcornOne’s Castle

Build by PopcornOne

Situated on an island surrounded by a natural moat, this keep has the perfect location, and makes fantastic use of all the space available!

Don’t forget to get your votes in! Best of luck to all entrants, and may the best build win!

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