PirateCraft Halloween – Herobrine resurrection

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piratecraft_halloween_2016_bannerPirateCraft Halloween Event 2016

Ahoy buccaneer! The PirateCraft Halloween event by CallieMav has opened early this year, its been alive most of this week with fiery battles between Pirates and the un-dead that have taken over the pits of PirateCraft hell! Get yourself to the event by using /warp Halloween in game, your initial spawn is PVP free but the battlefield has PVP enabled for the bloodiest of Pirate battles. The Halloween arena has been changed dramatically this year, expanding greatly in size, and utilizing all the new 1.10 Magma, Nether Wart, Red Nether brick and Bone blocks really create a deadly atmosphere in this hellish takeover!

Extended Gameplay has been added this year, there are multiple parkour events leading to hidden areas, There is a treasure hunt to find all the Herobrine flags and loads of hidden areas to find.

All mobs have been re-created from scratch just for PirateCraft, new mobs added, incredible new unseen skills created, new particle effects, animations and behavior of mobs, new interactive mobs (Right click them), all new item drops, custom rare items with unique powers and abilities as well as two main bosses!

We will be hosting a PVP free week next week, From Monday the 1st till Sunday 16th August to allow the mob battles to be fought without player vs player, PVP will be enabled again after this PVP free week ends.

The event and blog post will be continually updated as we find issues to fix and improvements that can be made, so far 29 small and large updates have happened since the event has gone live, So keep playing its being changed regularly. Don’t be shy in keeping your ideas or issues in your head, even if you have an idea for the next event we would love to hear it (I hear sleigh bells).

Introducing XP Boost tokens!

As quite a lot of you know already, I have been running XP Boosting multipliers at peak times over the last few months, this has finally come as an event drop item! Fight Herobrine with a chance in him dropping an XP Boost token!

What is this XP Boost tokens you speak of?

The XP boost tokens can be redeemed at The Cove at the Chapel (behind you when you /warp cove) Each token activates an XP Boost for EVERYONE online at that time you activate the token, so make sure to get your crew on all at the same time for when you activate a token, those turning up late won’t get the boost! You are able to log off and on again once you have an XP Boost enabled. The Halloween event only has 1 XP Boost token being dropped at present, its a 1.5x multiplier that lasts for 20 minutes for everyone online at the time its activated. This is perfect for when we have a busy event happening with lots of XP being dropped by custom mobs!

Future of XP Boost Tokens

I wanted to test these tokens in a small portion to start with, see how/when they are used, or if people just end up trading/stealing/selling them; before I implement another method of acquiring a XP Boost token, The plan is to give each donator one each time they donate if the XP Boosting goes well! This isn’t active at the moment as I want to see how it’s used in small portions first! Talking of donating…

Halloween 15% off sale!

As usual we are running a month-long 15% off sale to celebrate Halloween! use coupon code ghostship for 15% off /donate and the Donation store when you checkout.


The Mobs, The Loot

Here’s what you came for, in glorious Technicolor from yours truly, Let me introduce to you the 7 hellish mobs, their skills and loot! You can click on the images for a higher resolution image if you wanted a new pirate minecraft wallpaper!

The Cultist

PirateCraft - Cutlist custom mob for halloween event

? HP: 30
? ARMOR: 2


Evil Magic

Jumps into air and shoots a fireball at a target pirate, then after a few seconds will jump again but launch a wither skull into your face.

Witch Skills

Has all the regular abilities of a witch, minus the black cat and the flying broom.


  • Cultist Axe – dmg 8, slightly increased attacked speed, 10% move speed, unbreak3, sharp5, fireaspect1
  • Cultist Helmet – diamond, unbreak, fireprotect4
  • Cultist Chestplate – diamond, unbreak3, fireprotect2, thorns1
  • Cultist Pants – diamond, unbreak3, fireprotect2, thorns1
  • Cultist Boots – diamond, unbreak3, fireprotect2, featherfall2

The Vampire


? HP: 50
? ARMOR: 4


Blood Bomb

Bloody missiles shoot out in 8 directions from vamps, don’t worry he will try and get that blood back from unsuspecting pirates.

Flaming Cursed Eyes

Torpedoes bloodshot heat seeking eye balls at nearby pirates to ignite them before burning up themselves.

Bat Form

Once the vampire gets low enough HP he will turn into a Vampire Bat and fly around randomly shooting a bloody missiles. This is to allow time for the vampire to fully regenerate. If all the bats are not killed the vampire bat will return to a Vampire!


  • Shares all items
  • Vampire Wand – End Rod with Damage 4

Cursed Landlubber


? HP: 40
? ARMOR: 3


Fan Of Knives

Randomly when hit, the cursed landlubber will throw a fan of swords at the pirate dealing extra damage.

Cursed Shadow Step

Throws on Invisibility cloak to sneak to a new position 5 blocks from the Pirate they are attacking, and uncovers to strike!

Cursed Magic

Launches a few skulls that explode on contact or after a certain amount time. Deadly to all, hope you have been practicing your ducking skills.


  • Cursed Sword – 9dmg, slightly increased attack speed, unbreak3, sharp5, fireaspect2
  • Cursed Bow – 10dmg, 10%movespeed, unbreak3, flame, power5, infinity, punch1
  • Cursed Axe – 9dmg, 10% movespeed, unbreak3, sharp5, fireaspect2
  • Cursed Shield – +2 HP, knockback resist 50%, unbreak3, thorns2
  • Cursed Helm – diamond, unbreak3, projectileprotect4
  • Cursed Chest – diamond, unbreak3, projectileprotect4
  • Cursed Pants – diamond, unbreak3, explosionprotect4
  • Cursed Boots – diamond, unbreak3, explosionprotect4, featherfall2
  • Cursed Gold – dmg4, +2 HP

Fire Demon


? HP: 40
? ARMOR: 3


Fireball Barrage

A random teleporting fireball blazing attack, watch your back as this skill allows the Fire demon to teleport nearby, launching into the air to let loose a barrage of fireballs into your skull!

Fire Blast

Power up charge skill, once the Fire demon manages to charge up their fire blast, it may be too late for you, just jump into the lava, landlubber.


  • Fire Axe – 7, increase attack speed, 10% movespeed, unbreak3, sharp5, fireaspect2
  • Fire Bow – 10dmg, 10% movespeed, unbreak3, power4, flame, infinity
  • Fire Helm – diamond, unbreak3, fireprotect4
  • Fire chest – diamond, unbreak3, fireprotect4
  • Fire pants – diamond, unbreak3, fireprotect4
  • Fire boots – diamond, unbreak3, fireprotect4, featherfall2
  • Fire Shield – Armor2, knockbackresist 50%, unbreak3, thorns2
  • Fire Wand – Blazerod with dmg4



? HP: 100
? ARMOR: 10


Read Fortune

Right click a Gypsy for the chance of the Fortune telling skill, this will pick 1 out of the 6 different fortunes cast on the Pirate. Most fortunes are good potion effects to help you in battle.


Right click a Gypsy for the chance of getting tricked this Halloween! This Calls out 3 cultists to give you a cultist party, The Gypsy has another party to get to so disappears into another dimension.


Best part of Halloween! Right click a Gypsy for the chance to summons a free Loot Chest! Be quick to right click it to get your loot, before another pirate sneaks in!


  • Gypsy Helm – diamond unbreak3, protect2
  • Gypsy Chest – diamond unbreak3, protect2
  • Gypsy Pants – diamond unbreak3, protect2
  • Gypsy Boots – diamond unbreak3, protect2, featherfall2
  • Gypsy Shield – Hp2, armor2, unbreak3, thorns2
  • Gypsy Bow – 10dmg, 10% move speed, unbreak3, power4, flame, infinity
  • Gypsy Axe – 7dmg, slightly increase attack speed, 10% move speed, unbreak3, sharp5, fireaspect2

Ancient Wither


? HP: 2000
? ARMOR: 2


Wither Storm

Summons flaming meteors across the entire battlefield, you are wearing a helmet right?

Wither Spirits

Calls out to his Spirit friends to back the ancient wither up, Spirits may be hostile.

Wither Beam

This ancient wither has figured out the skill of summoning a vibrant light beam to blast off Pirates faces, bring some pork chops for free cooking, no coal needed.

Randomized Defense

Potion bomb, This flying 3 headed beast bombs potions from above, and not the good kind, You got my memo about a helmet right?


  • Shares all items from all mobs.



? HP: 1000
? ARMOR: 2 per phase



Summons weaker shadows of himself to mask his location as well as having a temporary crew to back up himself.

Psychic Toss

Telekinesis skill to throw up-to 3 Pirates in the air, or if you are alone just you, 3 times.

Evil Twin

Duplicates nearby players at random to confuse allies and players in battle, Is that you Bob?

Death Barrage

Death from above, This attack Herobrine launches into the air sending a bombardment of Fireballs and Wither Skills your way, but don’t think you can run, he then teleports to a random Pirate in the arena!

Hell Cyclone

Herobrine can summon Cyclones that tear through the battlefield, get caught in one of these and you’ll be thrown around!

Hell Turret

Its not just pirates Herobrine wants, he enslaves Endermen too, using their teleport abilities to bring in blocks to the battle, this skill enslaves an Enderman to be a living End Crystal turret before committing a kamikaze explosion.

Spirit Summon

Summons dead souls from the depths of hell, enslaved by Herobrine to work for his every need, the spirits launch fireballs and wither skills at unsuspecting pirates!

Summon Cultist (Phase 2)

You can see the pattern here now, Herobrine can control all of hells beasts, Cultists will be spawned to fight for Herobrine.

Bloody Skulls (Phase 2)

Skull of enemies previously crushed are charged and used as missiles, Don’t get too close, or you may ignite.

Multi Hell Cyclone (Phase 2)

This is the Hell Cyclone, but supercharged.

Multi Hell Turret (Phase 2)

This is the Hell Turret, but supercharged.

Loot Chest

Calls out 3 random chests. Their effects can be good, Who knows? You might get lucky..


Raining in hell? Herobrine can do that too, flaming meteor rain. These will rain down in random directions tearing up anything that gets in their path.


Herobrine gets angry, you wont like him when hes angry. The frenzy skill, herobrine will pick a random target, launch them across the battlefield a few times, try not to make him angry.


Scorches the hell earth with obsidian, that explodes into a fiery explosion after a few seconds!


  • Hell slayer Sword – 9dmg, increased attack speed, 10% move speed in main hand, Unbreak3, Sharp5, FireAspect2
  • Evil Bow – 10dmg, 10% movespeed, unbreak3, power5, flame, infinity, punch2
  • Evil Helm – Diamond helm, unbreak3, protection4
  • Evil Chest – Diamond helm, unbreak3, protection4
  • Evil Pants – Diamond helm, unbreak3, protection4
  • Evil Boots – Diamond helm, unbreak3, protection4
  • Evil Shield – Hp2, knockback resist 50%, Armor2, unbreak3, thorns2
  • Evil Axe – 8dmg, Increased attack speed, 10% move speed, unbreak3, sharp5, fireaspect2

Event Team

CallieMavPirateCraft Halloween event was brought to you by the fantastic CallieMav, Who built all the custom mobs, items, skills and updated the area! This event wouldn’t have happened without you! So Thank you very much CallieMav! It’s always a pleasure to work with CallieMav on events, so much fun!




Screenshots from the event

Feel free to post your screenshots and video from the event as a reply and I will add it to the blog post!

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