Build of the Month competition: July/August 2016

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Welcome back! Yes, it’s been a while since we had one of these, but now Build of the Month is back! I hope you all enjoy the wonderful collection of builds we have this month! We’ve got a great range of builds, from towns to bases, to simple pieces of art! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Naval Base

Build by IceKnight_

Build: Naval Base

This building symbolises everything you could want in a naval base! From hangars, to ships, to even an aircraft taking off! The features of this base are all necessary, and the way everything flows makes this a worthy competitor!

Dylan the Scorpion

Build by Palmerageddon

Build: Dylan the Scorpion

A small yet colourful structure of a scorpion called Dylan. This unusual, artistic entry fits in with its surroundings beautifully. Its makes this creation all the more impressive, especially considering how unmistakable it is!


Dovah Feyn

Build by Jmoo12086

Build: Dovah Feyn

A mountain town inspired by Nordic architecture, Dovah Feyn holds many secrets within its mountains. This is an example of a town that shows that there is always more than meets the eye to discover and explore!

Fort Sledge

Build by Raven228

Build: Fort Sledge

Designed to withstand strong attacks from enemies, this fort stands proud in its location. It fits its purpose well, with its walls and portcullis defending it, whilst inside, there is enough space to keep a good number of people, should the need arise.

Ravine Creek

Build by NadomaticGamer


With help from: Joe_Danger2003, turkeyman11a, and lazydog11

Build: Ravine CreekA hamlet built within a ravine, with houses connected to each other by an intricate system of bridges. The consistent theme of this village, along with how well everything connects together make this entry great!

Old Moui

Build by emielreijs

Build: Old Moui

A harbour with several ships docked around, Old Moui is a quaint little harbour with every aspect necessary for a functional harbour being present, ranging from docks, to a house for the harbourmaster, and even a lighthouse!

London Mansion

Build by gildor_stinky

Build: London Mansion

A water-front mansion in the heart of the British Empire’s London city, this building boasts many rooms, each with a ceiling as ornate as the last, a fully-furnished office as well as incredible views over the city.

Village of Kolding

Build by taulov

Build: Village of Kolding

A quaint little village, complete with a town hall and a smith, with a river flowing through its heart. Kolding boasts everything a small medieval village would need, in a beautiful setting, fitting in beautifully with its surrounding land!


The Citadel

Build by Browe_

Build: The Citadel

This structure is the central citadel of the capital city of the Templar crew. Within this building, a vault is present, full to the brim with goods, and the Templars’ very own Holy Grail! Common areas are abundant, and there is an area for ceremonies to take place.

The Soaring Eagle Tavern

Build by NickyB_123

Build: The Soaring Eagle Tavern

An inn for thirsty pirates and travelers, the Soaring Eagle Tavern boasts several fully-furnished rooms, as well as plenty of space where friends can sit down for a drink and a chat together, be it at the bar, or by the fireside!

A nice, wide range of builds, perfect for the reintroduction of the competition! Don’t forget to cast your votes! Every vote counts, and each of these fantastic builds is fully deserving and able to win this competition! This should be a close one! Best of luck to all entrants! May the best build win!

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