Regenerated The End middle island, Updated warps and chairs!

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  • Regenerated the middle island for the end
  • Chairs are back
  • Deleted the old legacy warps, renamed a few, added new ones, created /warp info and re-wrote the /warps message.

The End Tidy-up

After expanding the main overworld, I thought it would be a nice time to clean up the center island for the end, so I regenerated it and restored the spawn ship and the center portal to spawn new dragons, here are a few snaps of before and after!


The end center island before it was wiped

2016-08-09_16.22.40 2016-08-09_16.22.452016-08-09_16.22.28


The end center island after it was cleaned up! So tidy!

2016-08-09_17.06.03 2016-08-09_17.04.40  2016-08-09_17.06.03  2016-08-09_17.06.33


Chairs are back, you can now be a seated pirate again.

2931 (1)

Warps Cleanup

The legacy warps have been there long enough for far too long. How confusing is our warp system at present? Just a bunch of random warps and legacy ones that no longer do anything! So I had a big tidy up.

  • Deleted the warps: wolf, trade, shop, nexus, market, food, cts, Battle, battle1, battle2, battle3, battle4, arena.
  • Added the warps: arena1, arena2, arena3, covetown, info
  • Created a room at /warp info to explain what each warp does, which ones are PVP free, this is located near the original spawn in that tree train station, I did a really quick job on it, and it could be a lot better, anyone want to take on the task of improving this? Reply if you are up for the task!
  • Added custom message to /warps to to mention /warp info is an information room for all these warps.

Hopefully these should be more self-explanatory to new players, tidied up the old mess, and added a bit of structure, this means we can add more arenas to PVP later too.

Cove Town is a rename of CTS to make it self-explanatory that its an extension of the Cove. Cove town used to be a free stop for players to use a grinder, free chicken farm made by Azuries, I would like to carry on this tradition, there will soon be a Library and a History museum. If you have any ideas for a Server town (NOT player shops) that benefits new players or everyone then please do reply with ideas. These will have to be self-running and not need maintenance (Look what happened to the diamond jackpot machine). Builders are welcome for any of the Cove to be built, as subclaims can be made. So if you have an idea and where you want to build it, please do also reply!

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Posted on August 10, 2016

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