PirateCraft 1.10.2 update and World Expansion

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PirateCraft Minecraft 1.10.2 update and world expansion

PirateCraft Minecraft 1.10.2 update and world expansion

PirateCraft has been updated to 1.10.2 and the world has been expanded!

I would like to start off with a big thank you to everyone that has worked tirelessly on the test server testing 1.10 for PirateCraft, without the community help 1.10 testing could not have happened. The test server will be updated with all the world changes and mirror the live server once I am ready to start testing some new plugins, I will then re-white list to those that got added to allow testing new plugins before they go live.



  • Removed backwards compatibility for older client versions, you will need 1.10 to join to PirateCraft now.
  • Removed custom mobs, The custom mobs plugin broke with the 1.10 update, be sure to see these appear again soon.
  • Removed Chairs, Chairs broke with 1.10, testing of a new chairs plugin will happen very soon.
  • Map updated with a ton of our other plugins to support 1.10
  • Siege is back on and Live!
  • Animals are protected again from fire arrows in claims
  • Armour stands are protected again from fire arrows in claims
  • Sweeping now works (I didn’t even know this was broken! Nobody reported it)
  • I have expanded the map from 7000 from spawn to 10,000, Its a gradual expansion just in-case Mojang decides to drop another terrain update, remember you can get areas regenerated by requesting it on the forums.
  • Re-added Emotes! /emote again for in-game emoticons
  • Added new eggs to donator gifts; Polar bear eggs, Shulker Eggs, Guardian Eggs, Endermite Eggs, Silverfish Eggs, Rabbit Eggs (As requested)
  • The full Minecraft 1.10 changelog can be found here


  • Exit/Join messages are a bit wonky, and 10 seconds out, bug report has been made
  • TPS may drop as new parts of the world are being explored, this needs to create the chunks and then generate them on the map.

Future Updates

Now we are upgraded I can now focus on some updates I have had planned for a very long time, as long as Mojang does not release another useless update soon!

Sunny Sails


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Use /donate in-game or visit our online store at http://piratemc.com/donate

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Posted on August 8, 2016

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