Monday Changelog

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A small changelog of edits made over the weekend; Elytras restocked at the cove and an animated dragon head is now on sale!

  • Removed the double /tpahere from player menu when clicking a player from chat
  • Clicking a message in global chat now puts /msg <useranme> into your chat window instead of @useranme
  • Fixed mutes not working
  • Fixed chat not showing in the live map
  • Fixed /brb
  • Restocked Elytras at /warp cove
    • Replaced “nimbus” with “Icarus wings”
    • Added wings called Mercurius
  • Added Animated Dragon head for sale at /warp cove
Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

The founder of PirateCraft, Administrator, Systems Operator, Peace keeper.

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Posted on June 6, 2016

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