Updates: /warp ships; schooners are back on sale, with sailable demos!

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Its been a very, very long time coming for me to get around to making these work again, the issue was that the system that sells the ships and re-spawns them needed to be remade with new schematics for each ship type, sounds a lot easier than it is!

Today I’m ecstatic to say that I got all 5 schooners buy able and spawn-able again at /warp ships.

  1. Each ship comes with a few goodies on board to help with your journey, as well as tools for sailing, navigating and mapping!
  2. The cove center got all its old ships removed, these were ships that were made in a competition to be “the schooners” sold at the cove, I replaced this area with demos of the schooners that you can sail (If you are a sailor rank!) hopefully they can’t get sunk, stuck or crashed (give it a try!), or just have a race.
  3. I have designed the new spawn-able section for the schooners, so they can be replaced, swapped or modified quite easily at any point (I still need to redo the Dhows, Shudder)
  4. Each ship costs £100 in-game money.

/warp ships is the Coves spawn-able ships

To follow; It would be nice to sell a larger ship at the cove, I’m thinking about putting that opposite the dhows, where I have parked the unusable dhows, but what ship type? do you have a design we could use?

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Posted on June 3, 2016

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