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Giant Crew update is now live!

Wednesday evening we put a lot of work into transitioning from our old crews plugin to this new one that me and MCShovel have been testing, thanks to MCShovel we managed to convert all the existing data from the old crew plugin to this new one! We have been running this crews plugin for the last 4 days, and we are in love with the features.

The whole PirateCraft team thrives off the community that’s been built here, and we understand how good communication and organization between pirates is key to working together to create something fantastic, so we give you Crews. Use /crew in-game for a full menu of options, this will increase once you have created your crew (if you are not already in one) /crew create TAG Full Name Of Crew.

There is a substantial feature list for this crews plugin, that has all been written up in detail over on the Crews Guide page, found under the Guides menu on the website or /crews in-game links to the guide page.

Brief Overview of features:

  • Crews have their own crew chat that can be used via /c or /.
  • We have verified and unverified options, for long standing crews to separate from throw away crews
  • You can now create alliances and rivalries with other crews, you can talk with your alliances with /a
  • We have a full Kill / Death ratio PVP tracker now, this tracks all kills between neutral crews, rivalries or civilians, this gives us KDR leaderboards for players & crews.
  • Crew homes have been migrated over, and are still setable
  • Each crew has its own Bullitin board for latest events that have happened, and each crew member can leave messages for when you next log in
  • Custom ranks can be created for each player in your crews, this can be for hierarchy, jobs, role play or whatever you can think of!
  • You can have trusted and untrusted members to limit what they can view in a crew
  • Statistics of your crew are kept and can be viewed in game
  • Crew vitals and coordinates/distance can be seen live to organize and work together better during battle
  • Crew/Player profiles to quickly find out who fights for who, their crew history and how good at PVP they are.
  • Kill list, to see the last pirates slaughtered by a player

Make sure you head on over to the Crew guides page for a full, detailed guide on how the new crew system works in-game.

Browsing the gallery of uploaded photos to the forums, I found a few group shots of pirates, comment on this blog post with a photograph of your crew posing as an imgur link and I will add it in!

Don’t forget to make your mark by creating a history of your Crew on the Wiki, your entire crew can add to this to create an extensive history http://wiki.piratemc.com/Groups








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Posted on May 28, 2016

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