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Ahoy ye scurvy dogs!

There’s been a small change & upgrade to the donator ranks Commander and Captain.
Lets start off with the bad news for Captains, Most of you already knew this was coming; We have had to add some tiny limits to the use of /back due to the extreme abuse by a small pocket of Captain Rank donators, The donators who abused the /back mechanic have spoilt the instant use of this command for everyone else. /back is still infinitely available to Captain ranks, but it now has a 5 second Delay until it happens a 2 minute cool-down until it can be used again.
This will not impact anyone that is using /back as it was intend for transport purposes, and should hopefully stop the people abusing this mechanic for their own greedy PVP means at the expense of others.

Further discussion can be carried out on these two forum posts, Donators Discussion & Non-Donators discussion. Now on with the great news for donators!

New Donator Addition: Automatic Item Sorting!

Automatic item sorting is a system that organizes items in your chests and inventory. It also allows you to quickly deposit items from your inventory into chests as sorted stacks, automatically!

To use all these features you need to be a Captain Donator Rank. Commander Donator Ranks get access to automatic inventory sorting only.


This will be enabled by default for Captain Ranks as soon as you log on, it can be toggled at will!

Auto-Sort Depositing items into chests

Shift+right-click a chest to quickly deposit inventory items into a chest.
This will instantly add all items from your inventory into the chest, matching only items already in the target chest. As an example; a chest with only cobble in it will only remove cobble from your inventory when you shift+right click the chest, it will be stacked and sorted! This allows for chests to be setup once for storage, never worrying that your items will become disorganized.

Auto-sorting chests

When you open a chest or chest minecart, the contents will be automatically re-stacked and sorted, grouping similar items together. The first time this happens, you will get a brief explanation in chat. This can be disabled with the command /autosort chests

Auto-sorts player inventory.

When you open your inventory, it’s sorted in the same manor as explained above for chests. your hot-bar is untouched. Like the chest sort, this can be disabled by using /autosort inventory


This is a very early release of the plugin, so there will be many more features to come!

You can view this Automatic Item Sorting at any time from the Guides section on the website, or visit it now.

[message type=”info”]Automatic Item sorting is only available to specific Donator Ranks[/message]




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Posted on July 2, 2015


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